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Custom Motorycles

We build bikes with a purpose. We blend performance with custom to create motorcycles that truly represent their owners. Quality and attention to detail is what sets Pistol Pete’s apart from the rest. We love to work with people to create new and interesting things. There is no job too big or small for our shop. We have the resources to bring any idea to reality.

Black motorcycle headlight and suspension
Blue motorcycle headlight and suspension

you know the old English Addage...

A Picture is worth 1000 words

How many words are these worth?

Black and silver motorcycle engine
Black and silver motorcycle exhaust

How about these?

Farm bike suspension
Farm Bike Speedometers

And these?

Custom money bike details
Back end farm bike details

Get the picture yet?

Custom motorcycle headlight design
Custom motorcycle back-end design

We're a "show not tell" kind of business

The bomb custom motorcycle back-end design
Blue motorcycle engine details

Our custom builds represent more than words ever could

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